What Future Do You Want?

The future is what we make it. Provided we're willing to pay attention. We have to see our path, and see what lies ahead, if we have any hope of getting there.

Keep Your Head Up

It's easy to get bogged down in the endless tyranny of today. To craft the future we desire, we need to keep our eyes on the big picture. Understand the challenges. Seize the opportunities. Mobilize our friends, and share our knowledge.

An Open Source Intelligence Network

Join a community of people who love learning, hunger for knowledge, and relish in helping others gain new insights and skills. Enjoy the work of others, and contribute your own analysis to a growing matrix of seriously smart and sometimes surreal network of agents.

Signal Amidst Noise

In a world of information overload where secrets are increasingly scarce, the challenge becomes sifting through the chaff to find the bits that matter. Like a beacon we provide a signal that cuts through the noise and shines towards a future we want and work towards.

Our current projects:

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