Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I subscribe to Metaviews?

We offer a unique perspective that provides our subscribers with the advantage of internet research in an accessible and applicable format.

In addition to the intelligence we provide, you will also have access to other subscribers, who share a similar interest and desire to be ahead of the curve.

Why are you charging an annual subscription instead of monthly?

Annual subscriptions allow us to plan longer term research projects so that we can look beyond short term trends and help our clients plan for the long haul.

Do you conduct original research?

Yes, in addition to our weekly newsletters and teleseminars we are engaged in larger long term research projects that are shared with and influenced by our subscribers. Our first major project is titled "The Future of Authority".

What are your research methods and disciplinary backgrounds?

We employ a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods that augment our model of an open source intelligence agency. We're able to combine active research with ongoing dossiers that allow us to monitor the significance of breaking news within the context of broader long term trends.

Our team fosters a trans-disciplinary analytical approach that leverages the cumulative professional experience and training of our associates. This includes but is not limited to the fields of Sociology, Psychology, Education, Political Economy, Linguistics, Marketing, Communications, Computer Science, Engineering, Illustration/Design, Literature, and Theology. In order to see things differently we fuse together as many different disciplines as we can.

What subjects or industries will you be focusing on?

Our primary frame of reference is understanding how the Internet impacts society as a whole. This includes business, politics, culture, and even religion. However our focus tends to consistently return to issues that impact the following industries: Media, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Consumer Packaged Goods, Transportation, Sports, Health, and Tourism.

Are subscriptions for organizations or individuals?

We expect more organizations to subscribe than individuals but we are not differentiating at this point. When an organization signs up they get a single subscription, which can be used by a single individual, although we don't mind if people share the work we produce. What a subscription provides is access to our associates and our networks, and influence with regard to what we analyze.

Did you say you encourage sharing?

Yes, we're not trying to create exclusivity but rather encourage people to subscribe so as to obtain access and invest in our work so we can provide a return in the form of intelligence. Content produced for subscribers will not be publicly available, however we don't mind if subscribers share this material inside of their organization.

Do you have a non-profit rate?

No, we have a flat annual rate that we feel is as low as we can go so as to ensure it is as accessible as we can make it while also allowing us to focus on providing value. We do focus on issues and trends that impact non-profit organizations as much as for-profit ones, and may in the future introduce a higher rate for larger for-profit enterprises that allows for more than one individual from a subscribing enterprise to access our events and teleseminars.

Can I write off my Metaviews subscription on my taxes?

Yes, it is a subscription, and it's research!

How do I subscribe?!

Contact us via this website, via metaviews at, or via Jesse Hirsh.